Texas Family Law Specialist

Lawrence J. Praeger P.C,  is certified as a Family Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has successfully handled many contentious and complicated custody battles  and complex property cases in Dallas and throughout North Texas.

Putting Children’s Needs First

We take seriously the need to resolve child custody and possession issues quickly and effectively in order to lessen the impact on the child or children involved. We utilize mediation and collaborative law to reduce unpleasant litigation, but are prepared to litigate, if necessary.

Our attorneys will advocate strongly on behalf of you and your children.

Modifying Child Custody Orders

An original child custody and possession order may not fit the current needs of the parents or the children. If you or your child have experience a material change in circumstances, we can help modify the order to fit your needs. Modification of child custody orders can occur if:

  • A parent moves to another city or state
  • A parent loses his or her job
  • A parent marries an abusive spouse
  • A parent is not adequately providing for the child
  • The child’s school schedule changed
  • A child needs additional financial support

Enforcement of Orders

If a party does not obey a court order, we can petition the court for enforcement which could include fines, incarceration, and award of fees.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer

Whether you need to resolve an ongoing child custody battle, modify an existing order or would like a second opinion, the attorneys at Lawrence J. Praeger P.C. can help. Please contact us for information about our firm and family law practice.